Thursday, 19 August 2010

That'll do Kit!

Time I wrestled back the blog from Kit!! Actually, I think he's a natural blogger, I might let him have another go! Well, I'm back from sauntering around in the Alps (you try sauntering with four small boys in tow)! Lots of progress made on Calypso; all the Harken winches and deck gear fitted, the Selden mast has arrived, Darglow propeller fitted. Boxes of Garmin electronics and Imtra LED lights waiting to be fitted next week by Jamie Marley (no pressure)! The Kebony hand rails are gleaming with Le Tonkinois, and Mikey is beavering away varnishing the rest of the removable woodwork in a container outside, away from any fear of dust. Mikey, a professional varnisher, who has worked on yachts like Velsheda, is a little wary of a product like Le Tonkinois, but he's loving the fact that he has a clear head after a day of varnishing. So far, he's quite impressed. Once he sees the finished product, after three coats, I think he'll be a convert!

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