Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Keep it in the family

Recently, we put out a request on the Contessa 32 Class Association website for photos to use in the new, soon to be launched Jeremy Rogers website. Looking through the Contessa 32 Facebook site I realised that although I joined the Rogers family years ago, I have yet to join the Contessa family which is really an incredible institution! There is even a Dutch Contessa 32 Assocation! I met a 32 owner today, Clive Tollett, who lives on board his boat the whole summer, laying up the boat each year where he happens to end up - (in my dreams, maybe one day)! It was such fun hearing his ideas about what might work on Calypso and seeing his genuine interest in the changes to the layout below and his enthusiasm for the project. We are really looking forward to showing all of you 32 and Contessa 26 owners around the boat at the Southampton Boat Show - and Kit and I are looking forward to joining the Contessa clan!

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